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                                  Construction machinery sector "is stronger than the market"

                                  Recently, the machinery industry continued to soar. CITIC Securities Research report that high growth in construction machinery industry have been identified throughout the year, the industry sector "is stronger than the market." Research report that, despite the regulation promulgated by the state of real estate credit policies and control the negative factors, but considering the urbanization rate in China is still low, infrastructure is still in full swing, the "new 36", the regional Planning, affordable housing, the export recovery and reconstruction will provide new impetus to development of the industry, consider a continuing industry-wide technological progress and international competitiveness continues to reflect, CITIC Securities is still optimistic about the future development of the industry Prospects for the next 3 years to 5 years the industry can still maintain an average annual growth rate of 15% to 20%. Taking into account the development of the industry new impetus to the development prospects of the next few years and listed companies within the industry a competitive advantage, CITIC Securities to continue to maintain the construction machinery industry "is stronger than the market" investment rating.
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