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                                                          2007 China (Jinan) International Municipal Engineering Construction Fair

                                                          展出时间:2007年4月13日--15日展出地点: Jinan 展馆名称: Jinan International Exhibition Center (No.28 Gongye South Road), Hi-tech Zone 展出内容: 1. Exhibition Zone for construction machinery:
                                                          1) municipal construction machinery facility and accessories: excavators, scrapers and conveyers, paver, compactor, all kinds of mixing equipment, crusher, construction crane, trenchless machinery, pipe fitting machinery, road miller, rock-drilling machinery, pneumatic operation machinery, construction lift, tower crane, drilling rig, mixer, steel prestressing machinery, concrete pump, concrete conveyor, formwork, formwork repairer, vibrating rod, steel bar cutter, bending machine, welding equipment, elevator and accessories, building electric appliance, measuring and surveying instrument, desilting equipment etc.
                                                          2) special purpose vehicles for municipal construction: heavy loaders, tippers, concrete trucks, concrete pump truck, sweeper truck, road-block removal trucks, bulk cement delivery tanker, large trailer, special type vehicle for liquid, special type vehicle on construction site, engineering vehicles and all kinds of repair tools for professional equipments
                                                          2. Exhibition Zone for municipal establishment
                                                          1) construction material: modified asphalt, special cement, waterproof material, prestressed conscrete steel, steel ridge, anchorage, steel sealing net, steel barrier, geosythetic material, all kinds of pipe fittings, new material including all kinds of composites and additives, all kinds of stones, bricks, tiles and blocks etc.
                                                          2) urban basic maintenance establishment: pedestrian slab, well head and well lid, separation and protection barrier, symbol and placard, all kinds of special facilities for municipal establishment
                                                          3) urban brightening technology and facility: exhibition of street lamps and relevant products, urban brightening construction and design enterprises, urban brightening supervision system, supervision vehicle and installing/repair instruments
                                                          3. Exhibition zone for environmental sanitation establishment and technology
                                                          1) special vehicles for environmental sanitation: facilities and vehicles for road seeping and washing, cleaning machinery and facility for public establishment, facilities and machinery for the collection, transportation, sorting and disposal of urban living garbage
                                                          2) Other facilities for environmental sanitation: water-free public toilet, water-saving toilet, environmental protection moving public toilet, bio-toilet, intelligent toilet, automatic toilet, all kinds of public and home sanitation & bath facilities and accessories, new type light-weight house, classified collection vessel of garbage (Garbage can, garbage bin etc.)
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